Executive Board 2018-2019

President: Cristy DeBaby-Blanding & Kandi Yeager

Secretary: Castalia Amaya

ROMP Chair: Jamie Bate

Treasurer: Pam Warren

Friends of Foothills Chair: Lindsey Meals

Teacher Luncheon Chair: Alessia Gupton

Winter Blast Chair: Jessica Schram & Rommina Dobrovolny

Grand Event Chair: Tina Lawson

One Book Blitz/Open House Chair: Jamie Newland

What is FTO?

Family Teacher Organization Family support is a vital part of our educational efforts here at Foothills. The Family Teacher Organization was formed to serve as a link between students, teachers, administrators, and families. The FTO provides valuable support and funding for numerous projects on our campus. Funds are obtained through membership dues ($5.00 per family), Raccoon Romp, and the school bookstore. The By-Laws of the FTO are available in the Foothills Elementary School Library. Officers are elected in May for the following school year.

The FTO (Family Teacher Organization) at Foothills was formed to serve as a link between students, teachers, administrators and families.  The FTO provides support and funding for many projects on our campus.  In recent years, FTO fundraising efforts have provided Promethean boards for Foothills classrooms, a covered awning for the Kindergarten pickup area, a covered awning for the outdoor cafeteria tables, landscaping, playground equipment maintenance, various educational tools, as well as money for teachers to purchase items for their individual classrooms.  FTO has also funded author visits, the Winter Carnival, and Field Days.  

FTO's major fundraising event is the Raccoon Romp, and additional revenue is generated from FTO membership dues ($5 per family).  The FTO meets once per month during the school year, and all members are invited to attend.  Meeting are posted on the school calendar.

FTO By-Laws

FTO Calendar of Events

2018/19 FTO Dates:

July 26- FTO teacher luncheon

Sept 6- FTO Meeting 6:00 PM

Sept 29- Romp Closing

Oct 26- FTO teacher luncheon

Nov 1- FTO Meeting 11:30AM

Jan 10- FTO Meeting 11:30 AM

Feb 8- FTO teacher luncheon

Feb 28- FTO Meeting 11:30 AM

April 4- FTO Meeting 6:00 PM

May 2- FTO Meeting 6:00PM

May 10- FTO teacher luncheon

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