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Curriculum and Behavior Expectations


Foothills Elementary School aligns curriculum development to the Tennessee State Framework in regard to curriculum standards and expectations.  Students in 3rd grade are tested in the spring by the state's achievement test.

Language Arts:  Components include Writing, Reading, Spelling, & Listening.  Reading Instruction is aligned with the 5 pillars of Reading, including Vocabulary, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Comprehension, and Fluency.  Small groups instruction allows for individualization and differentiated instruction. Instruction is literature based using a variety of materials and methods.  Accelerated Reading compliments a balanced curriculum.

Math: Everyday Math components include computation, problem solving, and mental math. Curriculum is spiral in development and students will continuously practice math skills through a variety of methods, including using manipulatives & word problems.

Science & Social Studies:  Hands-on, multi-disciplinary curriculum is utilized for the content areas.