Adventure Club


Completed Application with $25.00 registration fee due before REgistration Process can begin.

Please allow ample time for application to be processed.

Adventure club is not responsible for applications or payments sent in children's backpack or through classrooms. 

Please e-mail or call 865-983-8637 for more information.

Please remember that only completed applications with the $25.00 registration fee can be processed.

Adventure Club pick up and drop off are located at the rear of Foothills Elementary School. Please ring the doorbell so that we may unlock . the door.

All persons picking up must have their license available upon request. This includes parents.

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Summer Calendar

Summer Info

Kindergarten registration will begin on May 6th on documents day. I will have school year registration packets available then. To register you will need to complete the application and turn in a check or money order for $25.00 made out to Foothills Adventure Club. On that day I will know if we have room for any upcoming kindergarteners for summer camp. We will be available for the kindergarten staggered schedule if there is enough interest. You will be able to sign up for those days on May 6th as well.

Welcome to Foothills Adventure Club!

Let the Adventure Begin......

It is an honor to provide school-aged child-care beyond the regular school day.  We understand that this is a needed service for many of our families.  Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and enriching environment for all children.  We would be delighted for your child to join us! Please contact Kim Lands 865-983-8637  for more information.

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